Have you dreamed of becoming a singing star?

As Simple As 1-2-3


1. Become a member and simply upload your karaoke song video to


2. Internet viewers will rate your video

3. The top 10 finalists will be invited to Las Vegas for the final championship show

The Wonders of Cacao
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Your dreams can come true once you become a member of the StarFacTree Las Vegas World Karaoke Championship - This contest is for people who have talent and love to sing!



Star-25Winner receives a major Recording Contract with a Concert Tour

Star-25Each Finalist will record one song to be included on a StarFacTree Compilation Album

Star-25StarFacTree will produce a music CD Production for the Winner and the Finalists with StarFacTree Records

Star-25StarFacTree will promote the CD through our Worldwide Distribution Channels

Star-25Every member will have Worldwide Exposure via the Internet.

Star-25Only $9.99 to be a member and potentially become a Worldwide Star   Click Here

Treasure Island Hotel-Link

Starfactree Las Vegas announces that the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino will be the venue of the Starfactree Las Vegas World Karaoke Championships. The top ten contest winners will vie for the top spot by performing on stage at the beautiful Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, the home of non-stop action, entertainment, gaming, dining, and amenities.... more


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